Placing First in the Marketing Category at OCMC (Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition)

Me and my partner won 1st place in the main category of Marketing at OCMC in 2016. The team as a whole took 4th place after all categories were announced.

Team Niagara places fourth at Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition

Recognized by Boys and Girls Club of Niagara

In Marketing Research, myself and another team where selected to present our findings to the Board of Directors. We teamed up to create one presentation with the data gathered and suggestions each team made.


Personal Challenge and Accomplishment

I had a personal challenge during my time in college. I feel that how I dealt with this challenge shows my work ethic more than anything else I can tell you.

In December 2017 just before I was set to write my finals, my son was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer and was immediately admitted to McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Being that my 4th semester started in January, I had a decision to make.

  • Don’t attend and be a semester behind of graduating on time
  • Attend and try to pass while tending to my son, who will be in the hospital (in another city).

I figured if I attended and failed, then I am in the same situation as not even trying. If I attended and passed, then I am still on track.

I chose to register for my 4th semester. I passed all classes and have graduated on time.

  • 1st semester, I made the President’s Honour Roll
  • 2nd semester, I made Honour Roll
  • 3rd and 4th semester, I just missed honour roll due having my son in the hospital from before finals through 4th semester. I was given 3 months to write my finals, and to be honest, I didn’t prepare.
  • Was in Co-op for 5th semester
  • 6th Semester, I made the President’s Honour Roll again.

I am more proud of passing all my courses during 4th semester and graduating on time, than I am about achieving any honour roll.