About Me

My biggest passion is helping people.

In the past, that was through sales and marketing for corporations and smaller businesses but now I am looking to use my skills, creativity, and personality to help non-profit organizations.

Many years ago I volunteered with Niagara Victims Crisis Support Services (rebranded Victim Services Niagara) as an on-call on scene attendee and found that it was the most rewarding work experience I have ever had. The ability to help right then and there and then provide additional supports to someone during a terrible time in their lives was very fulfilling.

I have always been someone who is driven to help others. However, due to recent situations that have occurred in my personal life, that drive is greater.

In 2014, my father passed away from cancer after a courageous and tough battle.  In 2016, my younger brother passed suddenly from heart failure at the age of 35. In 2017, my son was diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma. He battled that and won his fight and is now, after 4 years, considered a cancer survivor.

To give a little more insight into where this passion and drive came from, my father was a Sergeant with the Niagara Regional Police Service. I was told stories at his funeral about what a great leader he was, how he set standards high. I heard stories during award ceremonies about how he helped people and changed lives. I saw and read letters that were sent to the department thanking him. One of those letters he had shown me because it was a thank you to him and myself. I was on a ride-along and there was an accident. I was in grade 12 but my father asked me to sit with the wife in the waiting room so she wasn’t alone. She had been at the scene. I didn’t think it was anything meaningful, I just sat beside her and held her hand. When I read that letter, it had a true affect on me. It was the least I could do, but it meant the world to her. That’s what actually made me want to get involved with victims services years later.

My passion comes from within and my upbringing but also from my experiences. People need help and I feel a tremendous drive to help organizations be able to provide that help through telling stories, spreading messages, and fundraising.